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To make solar energy affordable for all people while lowering costs

ON Grid

A system to be designed with the specific requirement of customer..

OFF Grid

A system to be designed with the specific requirement of customer.

Industrial / Commercial

An On Grid solar power system to set up on RCC Roof..

"To make solar energy affordable for all people while lowering costs, enabling a constant supply of electricity.

About Peony Energy Private Limited

Driving The Future of Sustainable Energy

Peony Energy Pvt Ltd incepted in December 2017 with the idea of green energy circulation. Peony is a name of North American flower and as its providing soothing positive vibes so as peony providing soothing positive aspects of utilization for green & clean energy.
Peony is a Jaipur based EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Comissioning) organization committed to provide quality power solutions such as Rooftop Solar Power Plants, Agriculture Solar Pumps, Solar Street Lights, Solar Parking Shades etc.
Renewable Energy
Solar energy is a truly renewable energy source. It can be harnessed in all.
Solar is carbon-free
Solar energy systems don’t require a lot of maintenance. You only need.
Strong project execution

Complete in-house execution leads to control over quality.

Recent Projects

Latest Projects, Solutions And Energy Supplies

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Solar System

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Hybrid Energy

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Titan Windimidal

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Hydro Plant

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Parci Eolico

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Power Your Life With Sunshine

We provide the full range of service through the life cycle of the project. We conduct the feasibility study, permissions, customization of panels, procurement, set up and maintenance. It is our constant endeavor to reduce the complexity and costs for all our customers.
Why Peony Energy

Quality and Price Assurance

We only Deal in MNRE Certified Product such as Solar PV Modules, Solar Inverters, remaining of BOS. The Installation and execution of the project is taken care by professionally managed team.

Lifetime Commitment

25 years performance warranty with a promise to serve you for the lifetime of your system.


5 years of experience in renewal energy Solar

Smart Engineering

Analysis and design techniques offering custom rooftop solutions.

Value for Money

25 years performance warranty with a promise to serve you for the lifetime of your system.

Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics

Real-time performance alerts, smart monitoring systems ensure performance.
Team Members

Meet Our Industry Experts

Izek Reuthe

Field Officer

Alina Mareha

Assitant Manager

Zack Clark

Marketing Manager

Kene Castellon

Team Director
Our Testimonials

What Our Happy Clients Say

Mr. Radha Kishan Dhamani Business Owner

"Very professional approach towards the implementation of the project. I’m very pleased with our solar unit."

Sudha Constructions Earth Moving Equipments Contractor

"Amazing team member and awesome services!! They will make you feel very comfortable. We had great experience with Peony Energy. I am happy that I selected Peony Energy. The panels are of very high quality. "

Ms. Akshima Singh Owner, Garment Fashion House

"Amazing people, amazing service! Mr Anurag Bansal is very helpful and professional. He answered all of my doubtful questions very patiently. I would like to recommend Peony Energy in my network."

    Our Articles

    Latest Blog & News

    Advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy

    Some of the top benefits of going for “clean green energy”

    -It won’t run out
    -Maintenance requirements are lower
    -It saves money
    -Health and environmental benefits

    Wind energy

    Wind is 100% renewable resource because there is a limitless supply that is produced naturally. That makes it non-polluting electricity that business can use. Many companies are seeking to become more environmentally friendly in their operations are increasingly using wind power. Wind energy is one of the fastest growing energy technologies in the world.

    New trend of “clean and green” renewable energy

    Since Homo sapiens first walked the earth, we have been modifying the environment around us as per our convenience, which is sad, through agriculture, travel and eventually through urbanization, making urban jungle for residential purpose and commercial networks.