About Us

About us

Peony Energy Private Limited came about in December 2017

Peony Energy Private Limited came about in December 2017 with the simple yet important objective of giving back to the world in the form of sustainable energy. Our company is the brainchild of Yatish Chandra Bansal and his son Anurag Bansal – both based in Jaipur, India. The name Peony is taken from a flower found in Asia, Europe, and Western North America. This flower needs at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight every day in order to bloom. The similarities therefore, with solar panels are interesting – Peony Energy Pvt Ltd. is a company focused on utilizing and harnessing the rays of the sun to produce sustainable energy that will power homes and commercial establishments.
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Years of Experience

Our company focuses on personalized service and customization of power solutions in the form of Rooftop Solar Power Plants, Agricultural Solar Pumps, Solar Street Lights, Solar Parking Shades and much more.

Peony Energy is on a mission to foster ecological development by creating a cleaner and better energy source not just for now but for future generations as well. Through sheer grit and hard work we proved our worth and are now chosen by customers to deliver value within stringent timelines. Our system solutions and modules are of superior standards and are complemented by highly competitive cost structures. Every project we undertake is completed with the highest ROI and production values. We also have the capability to complete turnkey solar solutions and also provide consultancy for projects.

We provide the full range of service through the life cycle of the project. We conduct the feasibility study, permissions, customization of panels, procurement, set up and maintenance. It is our constant endeavor to reduce the complexity and costs for all our customers.

Our Vision

“To make solar energy affordable for all people while lowering costs, enabling a constant supply of electricity, and contributing towards a cleaner and greener society, country, and world”.

Our Mission

  • Lead the transition of energy sources by providing the best and most innovative solutions to our customers within timelines
  • Sustain the highest standards of quality, while acting responsibly at all times
  • Build and retain a culture of excellence, customer service, and safe execution in all projects
  • Foster long term relationships with customers based on trust, collaboration, and scalable performance
  • Become the vendor of choice for sustainable and green energy
  • Remain responsible corporate citizens who uphold the values of ethics, integrity, and corporate governance