The Team

Directors / Founders

Yatish Chandra Bansal

A corporate professional with over 40 years of experience in Cement industry, had a vision of putting his thought for providing energy solution to common civil society. For better tomorrow for generation to kids. Pollution free energy, clean energy and carbon free energy.

Anurag Bansal

A corporate professional with over 17 years of vast experience in Cement and Real Estate came up with the idea to set up an venture for providing quality energy solutions at the better cost to ensure people for finding quality with price.

Sales & Marketing

Amit Bansal

A hard core marketing professional with industry experience of Medical, Surgical, Banking etc to provide a guidemap for generating sales leads and opening of new markets

Rajesh Chaudhary

A hard core sales professional with industry experience of Medical & Finances to have a one to one sales call and close the lead for project installation


Manoj Sharma

A technical expert to design the project as per the customer requirement. To evaluate the required material, time line for project and to ensure quality as per design.

Amit Khnadal

A tenchical supervisor to lead the team for young people on site to get the work done as per specification and material provided as per design

I & C

Mangal Meena

A supervisor to clear the site before handover to client in all due aspects